About Us

Haines_farm_weblogo Feb 14Haines Farm Eggs is an independent family run business which have owned the farm since the 1960’s.

We have been supplying eggs to the catering industry and retail outlets since 1989, since then we have increased our product range to include pasteurised products, mayonnaise, fryer oil /speciality oils, hand cooked crisp, nuts and speciality tea  to fit in with the chefs needs.

We have a team of employees who are dedicated to offering an excellent service with a friendly ordering environment to make the chef’s life as easy as possible. Our professional team are always at the end of the phone to answer all queries.

We offer high quality products, which are always fresh, delivered by our own refrigerated vehicles by drivers who care about the products they deliver. In most cases the eggs are delivered straight into kitchen fridges where stock rotation is carried out to make the end users life as simple as possible.

Another area which we hold of high importance, is due-diligence and traceability, to this end we have total traceability on all our products.

Because of our knowledge of the egg industry we can keep totally up to date with ongoing laws and regulations.

We are audited annually by HSQC