Truffle Oils / Cranberry & Orange Sauce

English Truffle Oil – 100% English Truffles

250mls English Truffle OilMade with English Black Summer Truffles. Hunted in Wiltshire and Somerset woodlands, and in Cotswold Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. The only English Truffle Oil on the market!

  • English Truffle Oil (250ml Bottle)


Truffle Oil – Italian Truffles

250mls White Truffle OilWhite Italian Truffles in Extra Virgin Olive Oil & White Truffle Flavour..

  • White Truffle Oil (250ml Bottle)








HANDMADE Luxury Sauce (Potash Farm)


  • Client 209 0001Luxury Cranberry and Orange Sauce with Port (250ml Bottle)

Great in sandwiches / cheese board or as a chutney with Ham, Duck, Pheasant, Salads or with any cold meats.